Venice Carnival 2018

Venice Carnival 2018

The Venice Carnival 2018 is famous all around the world and every year it attracts a lot of tourists. The first document that testifies the festivity in town dates back in 1094 but it is known that Venice carnival has more ancient origin: some pagans rites celebrated the end of winter time and the start of spring time, also if, with the Christianity, this event has changed its meaning, turning this in a period of joy and festivity before the Lent. Through the centuries, the carnival has changed. The decline of the Carnival began with the end of the Venetian Republic despite some islands continued to celebrate it. Since 1979, thanks to some popular initiatives and the support of institutions, the tradition that recalls tourists and sponsor, has relived.

Venice Carnival has very ancient origin: this  poster dates back the first years of 1900.

The duration of the carnival is of two weeks during which a lot of shows take place. You can assist at the flight of the angel (more information about in the next post), at the flight of the eagle, masks parades, dances in the squares to the famous dinners around the palaces in town. The 2018 edition begins on Saturday Febr 27th on the Canareggio canal, scenario of an evening show on the water. On Saturday Febr 3rd the carnival gets live with the masks contest and the Festa Delle Marie (published soon). The real opening of Carnival is on Sunday Febr 4th, in Saint Mark’s square, with the flight of the angel, at noon. Who will fly down from the tower? The beautiful Elisa Costantini, the winner of the Festa Delle Marie in 2017. On Sunday Febr 11th, always at noon, will take place the flight of the eagle. In the afternoon will continue the parades of carnival masks. Venice Carnival 2018 will end on Tuesday Febr 13th (mardi gras) with the coronation of the 2018 Maria at 4.30 pm and with the flight of the lion at 5 pm,both in Saint’s Mark square.

Venice Carnival starts officially with the flight of the angel in Saint Mark’s square.

When: From Jan 27th to Febr 13th.
Where: Most in the historical centre, Saint Mark’s square surroundings.
Prices: Most of the shows are free-entry with exceptions to private parties, dinners and shows where a reservation is expected.

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