Torcello island Venice

Torcello island Venice

Torcello (in our dialect Torcèło) is an island of the northern venetian lagoon. The island is easily reachable from Burano in 5 minutes with Actv line 9 or 12.

Torcello, reachable by public transportation Actv lines in 5 minutes from Burano island.

It was one old the most ancient resettlement of the lagoon until the downhill due to the predominance of Venice and due to the change of the enviromental conditions. At the moment, only 17 people live in Torcello, but it is still a sightseeing due to its archeological heritage. The name Torcello derives from one of the doors of the ancient roman city of Altino or it could be from Dorceum, small swampy emerged island.

Santa Fosca Church in Torcello.

During the ’60s, archaelogical campaigns were conducted and proved that in Torcello was inhabited since the first centuries of teh Roman empire. This researchs demonstrated also that the decline of the island was due to the bad climate situations. When the Venitian Republic fell in 1979, the civil institutions of the Serenissima that ruled the area were abolished. The monasteries and the laic schools were destroyed by the Napoleonic decrees of 1806 amd 1810. On may 1st 1818 Pope Pio VII abolished the Episcopate of Torcello and the terrirory was connected to the Venitian Patriarchate.

The result of archaelogical campaigns, in the early ’60s, demonstrated that Torcello was inhabited since the first centutires of the Roman Empire.

Walking through the long street that takes you to the square and runs along the main canal, you can feel to live in an enviroment that recalls the Roman Empire, except when you see restaurants. On the half of this walk of 7-8 minutes, you can see the famous Ponte Del Diavolo (Devil’s bridge), so called because the legend tells that it has been built in one night by the Devil in order to win a bet: probably is the lack of parapects on the sides that gives the idea that it has been built fast. Over this bridge, the area is assigned to vegetables gardens.

The famous Devil’s Bridge.

In the middle of the area stands out a marble throne, the Attila Throne: it has been mistakenly assigned to the famous captain of the Unni, it was property to the bishop of Torcello. In the main square is located the Palazzo Del Consiglio in gothic style and built in the 15th century as venue of the island’s government. Together with the Palazzo Dell’Archivio, it constitutes the Museum of Torcello, with plenty of archaelogical evidences of the latin, byzatine and medieval era.

Do not skip the Attila Throne if you are going to Torcello…have a sit!

Want to visit Torcello? Ask at the reception for indications!