San Biagio church Venice

San Biagio church Venice

San Biagio church Venice, as known as San Biagio dei Marinai, is a religious building in Venice, situated in Castello district. The church, despite its location in the venetian patriarchate, is part of the military ordination for Italy. This area was a bit different during the 19th century. It was area of the venetian granaries that were destroyed to build new houses after the Republic fall.

San Biagio church, before its closure in the 19th century as initiative of the french government, was used as dormitory for the soldiers of Napoleon.

San Biagio, was robbed of all its furniture after it has been used as dormitory from the french soldiers of the Napoleon army. It has been re-opened to celebrate masses from Austria. They brought the floors and the altars of Sant’Anna church. It became property of the italian Marina in 1866, when Veneto became part of Italy.

The naval museum of Venice.

The italian Marina gave the property of the church back to the Italian government in 1958. A few works of renovation has been made through the years and then it has been gifted to the Naval Museum of Venice in 1991. it is part of the military parish, the Naval Museum and of course of the Hotel Bucintoro, where windows of the rooms are located above the main door.

San Biagio church and the Hotel Bucintoro in Venice.

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