Picasso at the Guggenheim Venice

Picasso at the Guggenheim Venice

Grand opening, on August 26th, birthday of Peggy Guggenheim, at Palazzo Venier dei leoni for the exhibition Picasso sulla spiaggia (on the beach), with Luca Massimo Barbero as curator.

Through a unique selection between draws, paintings and one sculpture, the curator wants to stand out the job of the spanish artist, marking the connection with the Mediterranean sea that had an important role in the artistic career of Picasso. The exhibition, born with the collaboration with the Picasso musuem in Paris, twists and turns around one of the beloved paintings of Peggy Guggenheim: the painting on the beach.

Picasso at the Guggenheim Venice, painting “on the beach”.

On the beach, where the enormous antropomorfic figures are in a marine enviroment, recalls the works between the end of the ’20 and the ’30. It will be put beside  by Femme assise sur la plage, a masterpiece of the Musée des beaux Artes de Lyon, dated 10th February 1937. This painting shows a naked woman, on a beach, surprised during a common gesture.

Picasso at the Guggenheim Venice, “Femme assise sur la plage”.

Besides few paitings, during your visit you can admire a third important work of Picasso “La grande baigneuse au livre”. The works becomes a big white-grey coloured sculpture, with crossed-legged, with the eyes down to a book and supported by the elbows. In this work, Picasso wants to abandon the shape of the previous bather, in favour of a static construction, almost cubist. The exhibition will be open until January 7th 2018 and everyday the museum offers, at 3 pm, free presentation of the exhibition with the purchase of the ticket.

Picasso at the Guggenheim Venice, “La grande baigneuse”

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