Madonna Della Salute feast Venice

Madonna Della Salute feast Venice

The Madonna della Salute feast Venice is a religious feast instituted by the venitian Republic in 1630. This event is celebrated every year on November 21st, since four centuries. It is a very popular feast by the venetian and by the pilgrimages that come to Venice to thank the Holy Mary for miracoulous healings.

The Basilica of the Madonna della Salute.

This feast has the same roots of the Redentore feast. It was born due to the plague in 1630-1631 (narrated by Manzoni in “I promessi sposi”. A desperate Nicolò Contarini, the Duke, and the patriarch Giovanni Tiepolo organized a procession of pray that gathered all the survivors. It lasted for 3 days and 3 nights. The venetian promised that they would have built a temple in honor of the Holy Mary if the town would have survived at the plague. In few weeks the plague stopped, leaving behind 47000 deads (1/4 of the citizens), Duke and patriarch included.

Since 1631, the venetian gathered in procession on November 21st.

The government of Venice decided to build this temple . The designated area was the Dogana as destination of pilgrimages and venue of the new temple. The contest was won by Baldassare Longhena. He built a baroque temple with a octagonal structure overcomes by a majestic dome. The first pilgrimage took place on November 28th 1631, right after the plague.

The temporary bridge allows to reach the basilica della Madonna della Salute from Santa Maria Del Giglio.

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