Historical Regatta Venice

Historical Regatta Venice

The Historical Regatta is the main event in the annual “Voga alla Veneta” rowing calendar, unique sport that has been practised in the Venetian lagoon for thousands of years.

The historical regatta is one of the main events in the world and takes place the first Sunday of September.

Today, it is even more spectacular thanks to the water pageant that preceds the race: a parade of tipical 16th-century styles boats, colorful and gondoliers in costume that carry the Duke, the Doge’s wife and the most important Venetian officials up in the Grand Canal. A true reconstruction of the glorius past of the most famous and powerful Maritime republic of the Mediterranean.

The famous parade that preceds the regattas.

The four races are divided nowadays in terms of age and type of craft: the most famous is the regatta “Campioni su gondolini” , where small sporting gondolas fly down the Grand Canal to the finish line in front of the famous “machina” the spectacular floating stage located in front of Ca’ Foscari palace. You can attend the Regata Storica comfortably seated on the uncovered floating stalls set up along the Grand Canal near Campo San Polo (acces from San Silvestro/Calle dei Sbianchesini – San Silvestro Actv stop). The floating platform is set in one of the most beautiful and spectacular points along the route, and allows to attend the historical water pageant and all the regattas with views of Rialto.

A parade of dozens of typical boats, colorful and gondoliers in costume carry the Duke, the Duke’s wife and the highest Venetian officials, in a true reconstruction of the past.


Non-residents in the Municipality of Venice:
Full: Euro 60.00
Boys 6/18 years: Euro 30.00
Children under 6 free, with no seat assignment and accompanied by an adult.

Residents of the City of Venice:
Full: Euro 30.00
Boys 6/18 years: Euro 15.00
Children under 6 free, with no seat assignment and accompanied by an adult.

The exhibition of an identity card will be required to the residents of the City of Venice.


Information for tickets holders of the stalling floats:

– Entrance to the stalls from 3.45 pm from Campo San Silvestro/Calle dei Sbianchesini

– The event starts at 4 pm.

Tickets are available online, or calling Hellovenezia Call Center +39 041 2424 or at the following Venezia Unica Agencies.

Don’t miss the historical regatta, an unique event in the world!