Dorsoduro district Venice

Dorsoduro district Venice

Dorsoduro district Venice connects itself to San Marco district through Accademia bridge.
The west side of this district is composed by the Mendigola island, one of the first areas of the town that has been colonized, few centuries before Rialto became the center of Venice (810).
In the century XI, on Mendigola island, was built the famous church of San Nicolò dei Mendicoli.
The islands nearby were colonized in the following years until Punta della Dogana , who is named due to the presence of the Custom of Venice.

Outstanding view from Accademia bridge which connects Dorsoduro district with San Marco’s.

Dorsoduro is the second district in Venice town , after San Marco, in which importants museums are gathered: the main museum are the Accademia Galleries, instituted by the painter Giambattista Piazzetta in 1750 and moved to this buildings by Napoleon in 1807.
Another famous museum is the Peggy Guggenheim collection, a modern and contemporary gallery, based in Palazzo Venier Dei Leoni, once private residence of the american patron. One other place that deserves a mention is Punta Della Dogana – François Pinault foundation, opened in 2009 and being part of Palazzo Grassi.
In Dorsoduro district Venice you can find Ca’ Rezzonico, museum of the venetian 18th century, Scuola Grande dei Carmini and Ca’ Foscari, venue of the venitian university.

View from Punta della Dogana, a few steps away from Salute church.

The most important churches are Santa Maria della Salute basilica, already described in one of our posts, Gesuati church, San Trovaso church, San Pantalon church, Ognissanti church and San Nicolò dei Mendicoli.
In Dorsoduro district Venice is situated San Trovaso squero (warehouse of gondolas) and campo Santa Margherita, a rendezvous for students and venetians.

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