Doge’s Palace Venice

Doge’s Palace Venice

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One of the most beautiful sight of the world: the Doge’s Palace Venice.

It is located in Saint Mark’s district, on Saint Mark’s square and it is one of the most important building of our town.

Founded in 812, it was the ancient residence of the Doge and the supreme authority of the town. It has been part of the history of the Serenissima republic, from the beginning till its fall.

The Doge’s palace housed, as well as the doge’s apartment, the istitutional chambers, the prisons and “bridge of sighs”.
About this one, the legend says that the bridge was called “of sighs” because the prisoners sighed, through the small windows, looking the lagoon and San Giorgio island for the last time before to go to prison forever.
The most famous prisoner was Giacomo Casanova, whose escape from the prison was his most famous adventure.

The bridge of sights

Curiosities about the Doge’s Palace Venice

If you look at the building from the small square in front of it, we can notice, that the ninth and tenth column of the loggia on the first floor, are red and not white…they say that the two red columns were the place where the Doge assisted to ceremonies and shows taking place in the square.
It seems that, always from here, death senteces were announced.

The legend says that, between the columns,the aristocrats convicts were hanged and left there for days so anyone could see them.

The common people instead, were executed between the two columns located on the square,showing San Teodoro and the Lion of Saint Mark. For this reason we say that passing through them, will bring bad luck!

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