Acqua Alta bookshop Venice

Acqua Alta bookshop Venice

On Calle Lunga Santa Maria Formosa you can find one of the most fascinating bookshop of the world, not to be missed by tourists or passionates: Acqua Alta bookshop Venice! This famous book shop was created in 2004 by Luigi Frizzo, born in Vicenza but he is Venice as his adoption town, who ,with his creativity, can tell about Venice in an authentic and unique way.  What you can find in his bookshop? Books, akward furnishings, cats and Acqua Alta (High Tide).

The entrance of Acqua Alta bookshop Venice, on Calle Lunga Santa Maria Formosa.

Every guide of Venice talks about this place as a sightseeing not be missed. At the entrance you can find an handwritten sign: “Welcome to the most beautiful bookshop in the world”. Entering this shop you will find a vaste space, fullfilled by books, leant on shelves, one gondola, two boat hulls, bath-tubs, a well and wicker baskets full of magazines.

Acqua Alta bookshop during a day of…Acqua Alta!

In this bookshop you can find books about the history of Venice or written in venetian dialect; about theatre, cinema, biennale art exhibition, comics, encyclopedia, italian and foreign books, all used to form a particular ladder that permits to look out the canal and see gondolas passing by and the famous Corte Sconta of Corto Maltese. In the back, as in many houses or venetian shops, there is a water access with a stool and a chair that you can use to read books.

For more information about this bookshop ask at the reception!