Vivid Transparencies: Yaozhou Ceramics from the Shang Shan Tang Collection

Pair of cups with turtle and lotus motif, Stoneware with green-blue glaze, Yaozhou Kilns, Five Dynasties Period (907-960) or Northern Song (960-1127), 11.5 cm, Shang Shan Tang Collection

Room 12 of the Oriental Art Museum of Venice, which in 1928 was destined to house the Chinese porcelain of what was once the collection of Henry of Bourbon, hosts an exhibition of ceramics entirely dedicated to the Yaozhou manufactories, located about 100 km North of Xi'an, in Northern China, the same place where the famous Terracotta Army of the First Emperor is located. The Yaozhou kiln, active between the eighth and thirteenth centuries, revolutionized the production of celadon ceramics, becoming the most influential manufacture in the whole Empire. The 96 works on display all come from a foreign private collection, the 上 善堂 Shang Shan Tang, literally "Hall of the Supreme Good", which includes one of the most complete collections of Yaozhou ceramics in the world, with specimens of excellent quality, which they testify to the development of the manufacture of the so-called "furnace of wonders".

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