Scelte Apparizioni

Lara Ilaria Braconi, Bimba, 2022, Jute cotton pigment oil, 170 × 200 cm, (Detail) | Courtesy Lara Ilaria Braconi

Painting, sculpture and textile art are the practices that give shape to the works of three artists who differ from each other in terms of poetics and expressive means, opening three "windows of art" that appear, trigger questions and cause disorientation. Scelte Apparizioni is a choral project that comes to life thanks to Lara Ilaria Braconi, Elena El Asmar and Concetta Modica, reunited by Valeria Manzi, an artist herself, as well as a teacher and poet, who was already among the protagonists of the first exhibition of D3082, in 2019. The exhibition constitutes a sort of passing of the ideal baton, linked to the sharing of experiences, spaces, projects and existences, to quote the curator, "to share a message of momentary peace, three possible answers, choices of attention of three added artists of experience of fighting in the area, because there is always someone who shoots, perhaps metaphorically, perhaps only at night, to make art in the land of toys, while outside one dies, saves the eternal living ".

  1. Keywords: venice, exhibitions,, nozio business, d3082 | domus civica art gallery