Genius Loci – Riccardo Muratori: Fuoco, Vuoto

Riccardo Muratori, Fuoco, Vuoto, Barbati Gallery, Venice | Photo: 2022

The first appointment of the Genius Loci cycle is the personal exhibition of the Venetian artist Riccardo Muratori entitled Fuoco, Vuoto (Fire, Empty), hosted at Palazzo Lezze until 11 January 2023. The works on display, oils and acrylics on canvas, cardboard and wood, including several unpublished works, they are the spokesperson for existential doubts, freeing the expressive means of tradition from the rigid canons of painting in favor of an intuitive approach guided by the flash of thoughts or feelings aimed at a profound desire for liberation and renewal. Through an unconventional creative process, which sees fire as the main tool of man's evolution as the protagonist, the artist intends to "set fire to the viewer's mind" and destabilize the idols of contemporary society to reveal their unsettling emptiness.

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