Charming Venice Hotels with Lagoon View

| Charming Venice Hotel view of Saint Mark's Basin

Charming hotel with views of lagoon and Saint Mark's

Hotel Bucintoro is among the most delightful charming hotels in the old city center of Venice with lagoon view of the captivating Saint Mark's Basin. This hotel features upscale navy-style furnishings, the 4-star amenities of a modern charming hotel with lagoon view and a wonderful panorama of Saint Mark's Basin for a romantic luxury stay in the old city center of Venice overlooking the lagoon.

Luxury hotel with views of Saint Mark's and Venice lagoon

The unparalleled view of Venice's lagoon from this charming hotel that overlooks Saint Mark's basin brings on amazing charm and atmosphere. A fantastic view of the lagoon in Saint Mark's Basin, luxury, comfort and romanticism come together to experience an unforgettable stay near Saint Mark's: 4-star Hotel Bucintoro stands out for its charming rooms and suites that feature extraordinary views of the lagoon and Saint Mark's Basin.

A dream stay with extraordinary views of the lagoon and Saint Mark's.

Venice Charming Hotels Lagoon view

HOTEL BUCINTORO • Castello 2135/a - 30122 VENICE, Italy • Tel. +39.041.5289909 Fax +39.041.5280938
VAT 02798270274 •